Tasks Under Development

In addition to the on-going work programme, the following tasks and activities are currently under development within BIOPROTA:

Effective Kd

In discussion of Lara Duro’s presentation of work for SKB during the 2009 annual BIOPROTA meeting, it was suggested that a technique for determining effective sorption and retardation coefficients could be applied to alternative sites and to other heterogeneous parts of the system under assessment, such as the surface soil column, to determine effective parameter values. This would be most valuable for the most critical radionuclides for which sorption and retention is redox sensitive.

Chlorine, Selenium and Iodine Conference

Consideration is currently being given to holding an international conference on the key radionuclides chlorine, selenium and iodine in 2012.

Additional tasks may be developed as a result of recommendations arising from tasks within the current work programme.

Suggestions for additional tasks for inclusion within BIOPROTA can be sent by contacting us.

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