Current Work Programme

On-going and planned BIOPROTA work programmes are described below. For further information on any of these programmes, please use contact us.

International workshop on biosphere modelling, 24-25 May 2024, Turku, Finland

The way in which scientific understanding is used to support biosphere modelling for safety assessments remains of central importance to most BIOPROTA members. The assessment-level biosphere models used by BIOPROTA members, therefore, continue to be maintained, consistent with available understanding, supporting information, developments in modelling approaches and to reflect the changing contexts for safety assessments (e.g. moving from generic to site-specific assessments).

At the inception of BIOPROTA, several collaborative studies were undertaken to explore specific biosphere modelling issues relevant to the biosphere models extant at that time, including modelling of inhalation exposures, spray irrigation and radionuclide accumulation in soils. Since that time, the assessment-level biosphere models being used by BIOPROTA members have continued to be developed and refined, to reflect changing contexts and improved understanding.

It was, therefore, considered timely to present the latest assessment-level models being used among BIOPROTA members, to:

  • share good practice, including modelling approaches and supporting data;
  • distinguish processes, pathways and contaminants that continue to be of common interest; and potentially
  • identify specific modelling challenges of common interest that may benefit from further collaborative study.

The workshop will take place in Turku, Finland on 24-25 April 2024, hosted by Posiva.

Topical Workshops

Several additional topics of common interest have been identified that could form the basis for topical workshops, including:

  • Biosphere characterisation;
  • Biosphere modelling for C-14;
  • Modelling and data for sorption and plant uptake of radionuclides; and,
  • Proportionality in assessing radioactive and hazardous waste

Further information will be provided as arrangements develop.

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